Film : Policegiri (Hindi,2013)
Cast : Sanjay Dutt, Prakash Raj, Prachi Desai
Music : Himesh Reshammiya, Meet Bros Anjjan
Cinematography : N. K. Ekambaram
Editing : Samjith MHD
Director: K. S. Ravikumar
Producers : T.P. Aggarwal,Rahul Aggarwal
Written : Farhad-Sajid (dialogues)
Story : Hari
Distributed by : STAR Entertainment
Release date : 5 July 2013
Watched Theater : INOX, Vijayawada
Rating : 2 / 5

Sunjay Dutt New Bollywood Film Poilcegiri Movie Review:

Policegiri comes at a time when superstar Sanjay Dutt is behind bars. The makers of the film have made ample usage of that fact too with all their promotional campaigns that literally made the star omni-present during the promotions of the film. The film happens to be one amongst the four-five films Dutt completed shooting before surrendering to imprisonment. Hence, it won’t be surprising if fans throng the cinema halls to watch this film. But does it deserve to be lauded or earns brickbats? We tell you


DCP Rudra Aditya Devraj (Sanjay Dutt) is a combo of a goon and a cop and as the movie proceeds you will be hammered with this fact by the mention of it dozens of times. After his nth transfer he lands in Nagapuram where he marks his entry as a rogue, a goon and a plausible debauch even only to gather the ongoing criminal state of the town. He then comes in his true form and stops all illegal activities in the area directly picking up a clash with the biggest goon of the town Naagori (Prakash Raj). The rest o the film revolves around how both give each other a hard time.

Artists Performance:

Moreover, the action sequences were taken to a whole new level with this film. For samples, there’s a scene where Sanjay Dutt stomps on the floor with force and creates ripples on land which can put even earthquake to shame. There really should now be put a limit to the level of action that should be incorporated in such films.
Even the customary comedy in the name of Rajpal Yadav and Rajat Rawail was lackluster and failed to evoke even a faintest of smile.
The only respite in the entire film was Prakash Raj who despite playing the same role for the nth time now managed to bring out the entertainment factor in it. However, with the repetition in his performances too it isn’t too far that people will get bored of him as well.

Technical and Other Departments:
Using the vintage formula, the director K. S. Ravikumar fails to enthuse much finesse into his film. An all-in-all entertainer that it tries to be ends up being incorrigible and bizarre at places. Sadly the punches of the film are mostly dull and remain unmemorable. I won’t call it boring because it undeniably amuses you frequently but entertainment wise the film falls short.
In the unsubtle demeanor, the film’s unconvincing climax stays flat mostly! It is not atrocious just mediocre and that’s the problem. The music is tacky and the screenplay is uninteresting!

Movie Analysis:

Renowned filmmaker K.S Ravikumar makes his foray in the Hindi film industry with Policegiri and he clearly makes a South film but in Hindi language with this one. Remake of South superhit Saamy, Policegiri has all the masala of a South Indian action drama. But sadly Ravikumar brings this film to Hindi industry at the time when such formula films are already being done to death.

What you see onscreen is nothing but a mash up of all Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn starrer over-the-top blockbusters of the past like Wanted, Dabangg, Singham, Rowdy Rathore among others. So much so that some of the sidekicks also appear to be repeated in this film.
However, sadly for the filmmaker Sanjay Dutt doesn’t carry the persona as that of Salman Khan or Ajay Devgn anymore to pull off such over the top action sequence. The actor not only looked old and haggard but also appeared to be having a difficult time pulling off the action sequences.

Final View:

Overall, Policegiri is a combo of bad and ugly. Buy a ticket and get migraine for free!

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