Sharmila Mandre Biography:
Sharmila Mandre is an Indian actress who was mainly seen in Kannada’s films. She began her film career through the film Kannada Sajni, opposite Dhyan.

Sharmiela Mandre was born on 28 October 1989 in Bangalore,Karnataka,India, she is an Indian actress who mainly appears in Kannada.

Sharmiela Mandre Personal Life:

Sharmiela Mandre was born and bought in bangalore, she is more passion about films from her childhood. she is participated in dramas in her school days. After her schooing she was more concentrated on films. so after her gradutaion she joined in modeling.

The Sharmila family has a large number of distributors and producers, so that since their childhood, they have been exposed to the world of cinema and their ambition was to print their name in the world of cinema. Although Sharmila had all the right reasons and support to go to the movies, she chose the right skills before pursuing her childhood dream of acting.

Sharmiela Mandre Career:

She started her film career through the Kannada film Sajni, opposite Dhyan and had her first commercial success with the film Krishna opposite Ganesh. Her other hit films include Navagraha (2008), Venkata in Sankata (2009) and Swayamvara (2010), having done so she has established herself as a leading contemporary actress in Kannada cinema. In 2013, she changed her name from Sharmila to Sharmiela.

Her roles are not only glamorous; This ambitious actress demands that her roles give her the opportunity to show her considerable acting skills. She pays great attention to maintaining her body through aerobics and training, studying every role she is offered, the language she will deliver. In short, it applies to every role that plays with the same importance and involvement.


She is a Very Bubbly and Cool Actress in india . some Rumors are flyed in Bollywood was that she is running a very hot chemistry with South Hero . but she disagree these comments and says that she dont have any boy friend Yet. If she was facing a serious situations she dont feel fear infact she laughs even in those situations. She loves all different people, Religions and different Status People equally. she says she loves eating. she says she dont oppose exposing in film if the Script demand For Exposeing.She says that Her sexy spot was her eyes.

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Sharmila Mandre  Filmography:


Sajni – Sajni – Kannada
Krishna – Anjali – Kannada
Ee Bandhana – Shruthi – Kannada
Navagraha – Kiran – Kannada
Mast Maja Maadi Kannada – Special appearance


Shivamani – Shruthi – Kannada
Venkata in Sankata – Kannada

Swayamvara – Anusha – Kannada
Kari Chirathe  – Shruthi – Kannada

Dhan Dhana Dhan – Charmi – Kannada


Mirattal – Deepika – Tamil(Debut Tamil Movie)

Kevvu Keka – Telugu  – Post-production
Goa – Kannada – Filming

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