Film: Pusthakamalo Konni Pageelu Missing (Telugu, 2013)
Cast: Srini, Supraja, Mast Ali Rahul, Satish, Mast Ali, Raghu Babu, Chitram Basha and others
Dialogues: Girish Kiran
Music: Gunwant Sen
Cinematography: Martin Joe
Art: Akula Bhaskar
Producer: Sohail Ansari
Director: Sajid Qureshi
Release Date: August 9, 2013
Watched Theater : Naaz Apsara A/c Dts, Guntur
Rating : 2.75 / 5

Srini New Telugu Film Pusthakamalo Konni Pageelu Missing Movie Review:

The New Artist Srini new film was seems to be a good one and it reached to audience very well. the debutants made good debut by this film

Vijay (Srini), and his friends Siva, Balaji and Salim, work in same office. Two days before Vijay’s wedding to his girl friend (Sandhya), they all play cricket together, while playing the match Vijay falls down to the ground and he starts behaving differently. Doctor says he is suffering from temporary memory loss. Vijay’s friends bring him to his home next day but they hide the fact that he’s suffering from memory loss. And drama follows.

Artists Performance:

Srini (of Ee Rojullo fame) is suited well to the role. The role demands him to look innocent and he carries the same look till the end but he has limited expressions. But the actors who played his friends who make the film more interesting with their performances. All the three guys have done superb job. Mast Ali, known for Hyderabadi movies, is apt in his role of Salim. Supraja has not much to do in the film but she is okay. Raghu Babu provides some laughs.

Technical and Other Departments:

Cinematography (Martin Joe) and music is neat. Debutant director Sajid Quereshi shows promise. The screenplay is good and all elements in the film was good.

Movie Analysis:
Pusthakamalo Konni Pageelu Missing is remake of an highly acclaimed Tamil film – Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom. It has a novel storyline (written by Tamil director Balaji Tharaneetharan) and offers interesting screenplay with lighthearted moments. The film is about a guy who loses memory (temporary loss).

Very thin plot point but it is very tough to handle such a simple (yet new) storyline. That is where the original writer gets brownie points. The Telugu director also has handled the movie in effective manner with good humor.

It is a fun film about friendship. Though many scenes defy the logic, second half is hilarious and keeps you glued to the screen till the end. I have not seen the Tamil movie, so I don’t go into comparisons with the original movie. But it is quite clear that the credit should go for the original Tamil director for its novelty factor. The use of one dialogue – “Emaindi, O Nuvve Kada kottindi, ball gallo lechindi ..” – throughout the movie by the protagonist is quite effective.

On downside, it misses the logic in many scenes and stretched unnecessarily. Item song in the second half is totally unnecessary.  Also it becomes repetitive after sometime.

Final View:
An off-beat jolly comedy film. It truly has different plot and is very engrossing till the end though a little long. Watch it for its novelty.

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