Film :Palnadu (Telugu, Tamil, 2013)
Cast : Vishal Krishna, Lakshmi Menon
Genre : Action – Drama
Music : D. Imman
Director : Susindhran
Producer : Vishal Krishna
Lyricst: Shashank , Vennelakanti
Distributed by : Vishal Film Factory
Released on : November 02, 2013.
Watched Theater: Siva A/c, Guntur
Rating : 2.5 / 5

Vishal and Lakshmi Menon New Telugu Film Palnadu Movie Review:

Young hero Vishal and Lakshmi Menon movie is Palnadu.Vishal who enjoys stardom both in Tamil and Telugu is coming with his new movie Palnadu.Like all his earlier movies this is a Tamil-Telugu bilingual.It’s titled ‘Pandia Nadu’ in Tamil and Palnadu in Telugu. Phenomenal music director D. Imman has composed music and background scores for Pandiyanadu that has R. Madhi’s cinematography and editor Anthony among the crew. Actor Vishal has turned producer overnight for his Vishal Film Factory produced Palnadu. Suseenthiran is directing this movie.


The story of the movie will start in a small town named Palnadu. Vishal (Siva Kumar) is a simple and lives down to earth with his father (Bharati Raja), Vishal has a married brother. Vishal never enters into any fights or issues as he thinks that involving into them disrupts his peaceful life.Finally one day Vishal suddenly falls in love with a school teacher Malathi (Lakshmi Menon) who lives on the upstairs of his house. Parallel to this story, two rowdies in the town, Katam Ravi and Chintalapudi Sreenu fight for the domination in Palnadu and finally Ravi kills his enemy Chintalapudi Sreenu and rules the Palnadu area as a monopoly.Siva Kumar’s brother happens to be a mining engineer and one day he says no to Katam Ravi’s plan of digging 400 metres deep into mines while government permission is for 60 metres.When Ravi gets Siva’s brother killed, Loss of his beloved brother transforms the innocent introvert Vishal into a hero seeking revenge, which forms the crux of ‘Palnadu’. Director Bharathiraja, who plays Vishal’s father has added considerable twist to the story, what is the Twist? How will Siva knows about his father’s plan, and what he does further happens to be the rest of story. For this you should watch the movie.

Artists Performance:

Vishal does not impress in this film at all. Vishal’s body language didn’t completely suit his character in this film. His mannerisms and expressions for particular scenes are very artificial. His melodramatics are decent.
Lakshmi Menon is okay in this film. She has got big eyes and decent body language. She did suit in her character of Malathi. Bharathi Raja has got pretty neat role. Sharath Lohitashwa is very causal in his negative shaded role. Rest of the supporting cast is fine.

Technical and Other Departments:

The main point of the story is very similar to one thread of Naa Peru Siva storyline in which hero takes the revenge the people who killed his father. Screenplay of the film is very equable and dull.
Direction by Suseenthiran si very average his mark was seen in Lakshmi Menon introduction and love sequences. Narration of this film is stale as it takes beaten path, overall Suseenthiran’s attempt to showcase revenge saga recoils. Dialogues by Sashank Vennelakanti are very routine.

Cinematographer Madhi (Mirchi fame) failed to repeat his magic on screen. He didn’t do any home work while canning scenes in the dark with regular street lights. Music of the film is pathetic.
Songs are major speed breakers to the film’s narration. Songs are not even translated into good visuals on the screen. Even Telugu lyrics are awful. BGM is impressive in parts with drums and guitar tunes. Production values by VFF are fine.

Movie Analysis:

The major problem with Suseenthiran’s Palnadu is he taken the same story line of Naa Peru Siva with some more characters with feel good texture, but he couldn’t inject the souls into the characterizations of the hero and heroine.
The only major plus point of the film is BGM apart from it Fights sequences which are decently shot. Especially Vishal’s re-entry in the climax fight is impressive. Unfit script limit the opportunities of the actors.
Palnadu ends up as 145 minutes of anguish. Everything starting from the story, narrative, song picturisation and dialogue delivery is old-fashioned. There is no attractive element for the viewers in this routine revenge drama.

Final View:

Overall an average entertainer from Vishal for this Diwali. Can watch once without expectations. One should say, this is a complete different movie from the routine from the director.But should wait and see how the audience will receive it. Audience reception in the coming days decides the fate of this movie. For Vishal a decent flick. It will add a point or two to his filmy career.

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