Film: Prema Ishq Kaadhal (Telugu, 2013)
Cast: Harshavardhan Rane, Sri Vishnu, Harish Varma, Vithika Sheru, Ritu Varma, Sree Mukhi
Dialogues: Krishna Chaitanya and Pavan Sadineni
Music: Shravan
Cinematography: Karthik Gattamneni
Art: Goutham Nerusu
Presented by: D Suresh Babu
Produced by: Bekkem Venugopal
Story, screenplay and directed by: Pavan Sadineni
Release date: December 6, 2013
Watched Theater:Keerthana A/C, Guntur
Rating: 2.75 / 5

New Various Artists Telugu film Prema Ishq Kaadhal Movie Review:

Having multiple protagonists with their own story is popular trend in Hollywood. Of late it is getting extended to Tollywood. With a few movies made it to the list, ADVERTISEMENT Prema Ishq Kadhal is the latest film to enter the league. This film has three different stories connected at some point. Debutant director Pavan Sadineni tried his best to entertain with lively narration, which will impress young film goers.

The story is about three young couples set in Hyderabad. Story1: Randy (Harshvardhan Rane), a singer, runs coffee shop. A student Sarayu (Vithika Sheru), who works at orphanage in her free time, asks him to perform at their college, when he refuses, she follows him daily and makes him agree finally.  Love blossoms later but…

Story2: Radio Jockey Arjun (Harish Varma) is a playboy. He falls for a software engineer Shanti (Sree Mukhi) who comes to Hyderabad from Chennai. She resents him first. Later, when he expresses that he loves her sincerely, she lays some conditions to win her heart.

Story 3: A rural guy Royal Raju (Sri Vishnu) lands in Hyderabad at his friend’s house and gets a job as assistant director in a film. His sole aim to come to Hyderabad is to win the love of a girl who smokes and boozes like him. He falls for the hep and modern minded costume designer on the film set Sameera (Ritu Varma).

How these stories end is the basic plot of the movie.

Artists Performance:
Harshavardhan Rane is the senior among the actors and he is apt for the role of a noble musician who look to savor the purity of love. Hema Chandra’s dubbing suited him well. Sree Vishnu who has done small roles in a few films in the past has made his debut as hero in this movie. He is the show-stealer. He has innocence in his eyes and mass body language. He has good energy levels. He has rough yet likable dialogue delivery and mass body language which is essential to get hero establish in all centers (like the way Satya in this film says B and C centers). He is good with acting and can go places if he selects the right scripts. He is an actor to watch out for in the future. Harish acts well in a role of a flirt. Ritu Varma is pretty good with expressions. She hogs limelight among the female leads. Sree Mukhi is cute and carries her role elegantly. Vithika Sheru does her part well.

Prema Ishq Kaadhal reviewOther actors: The guy who did the role of Sree Vishnu’s friend is pretty good. Bhanu (poster designer) has got a role that suits him perfectly in the film. His natural body language suited the character of a frustrated director. Snigdha (Ala Modalaindi fame) gets another tomboyish role. She did well, but dialogue delivery is too fast and didn’t sync with the flow. Pop singer Madhoo has made her debut as an actress. She is good looking and acts natural. Josh Ravi did an assistant role to Harshavardhan and he is partly good (due to half-based characterization). Satya (the dark guy from Swamy Rara) impresses as film hero’s baammardi. Satyam Rajesh is good as film hero who encourages sycophancy and indulges in womanizing..

Technical and Other Departments:
Cinematography by Karthik Ghattamaneni is excellent and he has a bright future. He has created a mood for the film with his photography. Music by Shravan is nice and peppy. But, several old songs placed at regular intervals dominate the original songs. Background music is cool. Dialogues written by Pavan Sadineni and Krishna Chaitanya are perfect. The break-up dialogues (especially gudiki vellaanu and aa ammai naaku kooda teleedu) are very natural and impact making. Producer Bekkem Venu Gopal whose last film was Mem Vayasuku Vacham is making a mark with his story selection and with identifying the right talent.

Movie Analysis:
Prema Ishq Kaadhal is an urbane story that starts on a promising note. First half is decent. Second half has dragging moments. But the climax of the film is nice. Plus points of the film are fresh star cast (especially Sree Vishnu and Ritu Varma) and technical values (mellifluous music and pleasing visuals). Short film director turned feature filmmaker Pavan Sadineni makes an honest attempt to make a different cinema by defying the routineness. On a whole, Prema Ishq Kaadhal is a different film.

Final View:
Overall, the director has made Prema Ishq Kadhal an interesting quirky human drama. The movie captures an emotional ride of characters from different walks of life as they seek love. This different attempt of Pavan is sure to rock the viewers.

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