Film: Second Hand (Telugu,2013)
Cast: Dhanya Balakrishna, Sudheer Varma, Kireeti Damaraju, Sri Vishnu, Anooj Ram, Posani Krishna Murali and others
Music: Ravichandra
Cinematography: Uma Shankar, Avaneendra
Editing: SR Sekkhar
Co-producer: BVS Ravi
Banner: Sreeyas Chitra
Producer: Poorna Naidu
Written and directed by: Kishore Tirumala
Release date: December 13, 2013
Watched Theater: Tollywood A/c, Guntur
Rating: 2.5 / 5

Dhanya balakrishna and Kireeti Varma New telugu Film Second Hand Movie Reivew:

is having three different failure love stories but the dynamics are
different and all the love stories converge in the end ,with the help of
PosaniKrishna Murali.In this movie dhanya balakrishna done a good job
and she played three different characters. Director done a good job with
the first half,entertainment is good in this part of the film.


film is about the love-breakup-aftereffects of three different people
Santosh (Sudhir), Subba Rao (Kireeti) and Sahasra (Dhanya). Director
cleverly narrated this story with a twist in the tale. You have to watch
the film to know what was that surprise package.
Santosh (Sudhir
Verma), Deepu (Dhanya) is a pair. Deepu loves Santosh without any
remarkable quality. Santosh is in dialemma whether her love is true or
Another pair is of Subbarao (Kiriti), Swethcha (Dhanya).
Subbarao grows up with a gentleman tag since childhood. Swethcha uses
his quality to the best.
Third story is of Sahasra (Dhanya) and
Chaitanya (Vishnu). Her love reaches many heights. Even after becoming
pregnant she is found to be searching for better companions.

guy (say X) narrates his break up story with his girlfriend to another
guy (say Y). The listener (Y) imagines the story with a certain girl.
Later the other person also talks of his break up with his fiancée. And
he imagines a certain girl as he listens to this story. But it turns out
that both of them are imagining same girl. From pure writing point of
view, this is quite an interesting plot twist. 

Artists Performance:

Damaraju is entertaining as Subba Rao. His typical expressions and
cunning smile will have you in splits. He steals the show in this film.
Sudheer Varma is fine as one of the main leads. Sri Vishnu keeps it
simple and that works yet again. Dhanya is good as the female lead.
Posani did a cameo in this film.

Technical and Other Departments:

Tirumala targets young audience with Second Hand. Of late many
directors are coming up with themes that deal with the romance of
today’s youth. Kishore too made a similar attempt with some creativity
thrown into the narration. Director did well to make the first half of
the film entertaining, but he slipped in the latter half. Music is
alright. Cinematography is okay. They tried to can the scenes in an
unorthodox fashion and that may not appeal to everybody. Editing is
crisp. Not much money is involved, but it looks good on the quality

Movie Analysis:

hand starts off with lots of promise and withers off rapidly. First
love story is just okay. There is nothing much to entertain. Subba Rao
saves the day and raises hopes on the film. First half of the movie is
decent with good humor. Director failed during the second half.

goes missing and film’s pace slows down. Climax is a dampener with
Posani uttering nonsense about love and life. Had the director worked
enough on the second half of the film Second Hand could have been a fine
All the actors did well and made it
watchable with their performances. Director himself jumped on to the
screen to bring few laughs in the second half but his efforts are in
vain. Second hand is a film that is passable while watching on DVD, but
it isn’t worth the ticket price.

Final View:

Hand works in parts. The girl playing three different characters and
the twist its main novelty factor but it is also many flaws. 

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