Paritala Sunitha Clarification To Pawan Kalyan Comments On Paritala Ravi

Pawan Kalyan ended with rumors that Paritala Ravi interrupted the lead. He opened the door and said that he did not even know Paritala Ravi. He also said that the TDP deliberately propagated propaganda about me. With Pawan’s testimony, he ended rumors about his Tiff with Paritala Ravi. Paritala Ravi’s wife, Paritala Sunitha, has now responded to Pawan Kalyan’s comments.

Here is the video.

We knew that there had been a lot of talks that Paritala Ravi Pawan had taken head when Pawan Ravi threatened to leave the country of Chiranjeevi. According to reports, Paritala Ravi occupied the land Chiranjeevi in Jubileehills, Hyderabad. Irritated by the incident, Pawan hurried to Paritala, where he tonsured Pawan. Kalyan’s head is the speculation he has been making for several years.

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