Singer Kishore Kumar Full Biography

Abhas Kumar Ganguly was born 4 August 1929, known as the great singer Kishore Kumar, affectionately known as Kishore Da, was one of the few singers who dared and experimented with various musical styles. Considering a legend in the world of Hindi cinemas, this character with many talents has emerged as a playback singer, actor, composer, lyricist, director, producer, and screenwriter.

Kishore Kumar’s songs have an extraordinary blend of romance, emotion, mischief, and melancholy. Kishore Kumar was born in a small town called Khandwa in the state of Madhya Pradesh. He was born into a typical Bengali family and was the youngest of his brothers. He had two older brothers (Ashok Kumar and Anoop Kumar) and a sister (Sati Devi).

Ganguly Kunjilal’s father was a lawyer and his mother Gauri Devi came from a wealthy family. When his older brother, Ashok Kumar, became an actor, Kishore Kumar was still young. Later, his second brother also ventured into the cinema to become an actor.

Kishore Kumar was also interested in music and often imitates the great K. L. Saigal. Although he had no formal education in music, he decided to follow him and followed his brothers in Mumbai. His dream was to become a famous singer and count among the legends.

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He often went to the studios and asked the producers if he could sing the soundtrack on the movie. At first he could not develop his own style, but still, he perfectly mimics K. L. Saigal Once the great S.D. Burman had come to the home of Ashok Kumar to meet when he heard Kishore singing.

He really thought it was K. L. I sing Saigal and ask him if he’s there too! When it came to that, the Kishore sings, truly thanks, and encourages the youth to continue to perfect their voice, but at the same time, he developed his own style.

Kishore Kumar kept this advice in mind and continued to develop his own distinctive style. He perfected yodels, a unique style he heard in his brother Anoop’s Austrian music collections. In the Hindi film industry, his singing proved very popular and became a trademark of Kishore Kumar.

His songs sounded absolutely natural, like laughter. He used non-sensual terms in his songs and it gave him a completely new feeling. The ability to reconcile your voice not only with the stage but also with the actor is something truly incredible for Kishore. She sang sentimental songs for Dev Anand and also songs full of fun for Rajesh Khanna.

After Rajesh Khanna left the scene, Kishore Kumar sang the success at the top of the table for superstar Amitabh Bachchan. As R.D. As Burman stormed the world of music, Kishore Kumar returns with success like Roop Tera Mastana and many other melodic songs.

Some films that deserve special mention are Kum Nahin Hum Kisi, Kinara, Dream Girl, Anurodh, Sharabi, Mr. Natwarlal, Gol Maal, Dostana, Manzil, Padosan, Shalimar, Khatta Meetha, Kasme Vaade, Ghar, Don, Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi, Dilli Ka Thug etc.

When his popularity wore off in the mid-1980s, he retired and wanted to return to Khandwa, his hometown. Unfortunately, it was not like that. On October 13, 1987, coinciding with the birthday coincidence of his older brother Ashok Kumar, Kishore suffered a heart attack and did his last breath.

Kishore Kumar premature and unexpected death shocked the entire nation. Kishore Kumar married four times and his eldest son Amit Kumar also ventured into the world of music.

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