Aishwarya Rai To Become A Surrogate Mother?

Becoming a mother is the most memorable experience for any woman. Only one woman can carry the child for 9 months in her stomach and give birth to a baby. But in today’s world, where everything becomes commercial, even the womb becomes a business. The media have always created so many stories of people doing business with their mother’s womb.

Now a Bollywood movie is being made with a sensitive topic like the weekend rental. The creators have kept the title “Jasmine” entitled “History of a Hired Womb”. The story is about a woman from Gujarat who decides to rent her womb to people who want to have children through surrogacy. But since she’s too interested in giving the child 9 months in her stomach, she starts a fight. The film crew turned to former Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as the lead actress. Aish has yet to confirm whether she will do the paper or not. The film unit is eagerly waiting for its answer, claiming that Jasmin’s role will be marked as the most difficult role in Aishwarya’s career.

KriArj Entertainment worked with Shree Mukambiki Pictures to fund this project. Siddharth Garima leads this project. Although the leading actress is not confirmed, they have already released the first poster of the film. Not to mention soon, they wrote: “soon deliver”. The manufacturers have managed to draw public attention to the title itself.

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