Trivikram Leaves Theatre Mid-Way ?

The difficult days would have been far better for Trivikram than what could happen.

So far, he has not experienced any major mistakes. His career as a writer is also impeccable. But with Agnyaathavaasi he failed both as a director and as a writer.

All media, North and South, have unanimously written about the failure of Trivikram as a writer.

Although there are many reasons, this is a recent incident that caused Trivikram to directly measure the audience’s response.

It was a coincidence that Trivikram was in a theater in Chikkadpally, which in the language of the industry turned out to be the “main theater” in order to get an idea of the mass audience.

Apparently, Trivikram was 45 minutes away from the show and just left the theater without saying anything to those who accompanied him.

Well, they say he already realized how the public would take the movie.

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