Jai Simha Review : For Balayya Fans!!

Movie Details:

Cast: Balakrishna, Nayanthara, Haripriya, Natasha Doshi, Prakash Raj etc.
Direction: KS Ravikumar
Banner: CK Entertainments
Producer: C Kalyan
Music: Chirantan Bhatt
Release Date: Jan 12, 2018


The film begins with Narasimha (Balakrishna), who escapes with a small child of Gauri (Nayanthara). He traveled through many places and eventually moved to Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu. Narasimha is engaged in a fight with a local gift (Prabhakar) and a policeman. Later it is revealed that the policeman is none other than Gauri’s husband. In fact, Narasimha and Gauri were childhood friends and were in love with each other. However, you marry for various reasons? Who are? Why did Narasimha escape with the child? Who are the other enemies in Narasimha’s life?


Jai Simha is a movie about heroes. The director initially created curiosity with an episode of Balakrishna escaping from the hospital with a newborn from Nayanthara. Prakash Raj is shown as his father. Balakrishna changes many places until he thinks that Kumbakonam is the safest place for the child. He receives a sanctuary in the home of a Dharmakartha Murali Mohan temple. All episodes of Brahmanandam and the gangs of the house are tortuous. In order to save Murali Mohan’s daughter, Balakrishna admits to having committed a crime. This leads him to compete with Don Prabhakar. The Brahmin episode at the police station is the best in the movie. So a fight in the temple is a pleasure for the massive fanatics of Balakrishna. Interval bang is good. The second half starts in flashback mode. A political leader stages Dharna in the center of Vizag and Balakrishna teaches him a good lesson. This episode of Dharna is another important part of the movie. Since then we have hardly found entertainment. The whole second half is told in a very old style. The movie ends with Balakrishna ending all his enemies.

Artists Performances:

Balakrishna steals the show with his excellent performance. Although he looked good in the second half, in the second half he looked funny with a bad wig. Providing dialogue in key parts such as Brahmin and Dharna is a great advantage. Nayanthara looked traditional and played her role perfectly. Haripriya was good in appearance and action. Natasha Doshi gave a glamorous party. Brahmanandam is the biggest drawback. Prakash Raj was good as a school teacher. Other artists were good.

Technical Aspect:

M Ratnam, who provided wonderful dialogues for some of Balakrishna’s films, has written dialogues and stories. In fact, he chose an outdated story, though the dialogues were good here and there. KS Ravikumar did not live up to his task. His creation was in the style of the 80s and the music of Chirantan Bhatt is captivating. Although the songs are good, BGM was above average. Ram Prasad’s cinematography was good. The editing work of Praveen Antony is also weak. The production values ​​of CK Entertainments are only average values.


1. Brahmins And Dharna Episodes
2. Music
3. Balakrishna


1. Old Story
2. Boring Narration
3. Weak Production Values
4. Brahmanandam


Jai Simha is just for Balakrishna fans who like massive elements. The average audience may not like the movie.


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