Agnyaathavaasi Beats Hollywood Biggies in US?

Pawan Kalyan’s “Agnyaathavaasi” not only has the most extensive release for an Indian film in the United States to date but has also begun to defeat the Hollywood greats in less than 24 hours for a large number of releases.

Agnyaathavaasi leads the new Hollywood greats by a long way in relation to the tickets sold on the popular cinema ticket in the last 24 hours. While Agnyaathavaasi has a 26.4% share of all tickets sold on the site, the second movie “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” does not even have half of the Pawan Starrer, just 12.1%. Star Wars: The last Jedi (8.7%), Insidious (8.3%) and The Greatest Showman (8.2%) follow.

The supremacy of Agnyaathavaasi over Hollywodod Biggies as Jumanji and Star Wars recounts the madness and expectations in the middle of which the film is released in the United States. With pre-orders, the film has already reached the premiere collection All Time Top 5 Telugu. Trade experts predict that the director of Trivikram Khaidi will defeat No.150 and open the registry of non-Baahubali in the US.

The premieres of Agnyaathavaasi are shown in nearly 570 cinemas in the United States.

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