Nayanathara’s Conditions To NBK?

Punch combinations are always exciting for fans. These combinations draw a lot of attention to a project. Fans eagerly await romantic scenes between the couple and there is a good positive whisper in the combination of Balakrishna and Nayanathara approaching his next movie Jai Simha. KS Ravi Kumar is the director of the film and the movie is preparing for a big release tomorrow.

It is said that the combination of Balayya and Nayan is an important point of the film. But we have learned that there are no intimate scenes between the two actors. The sources also reveal that they are not considered love birds in the film. It is said that Nayanathara is the reason for the same. It reached certain conditions before the film was signed, which became a discussion in film circles.

Nayanathara has reportedly worked on the condition that she is not part of the intimate scenes with the lead actor and that she will not make typical Telugu dance numbers. This may be a disappointment for all fans, but we’ll have to wait and see how much this couple can impress the audience of the movie.

Jai Simha also plays Natasha Joshi and Hari Priya in the footsteps of women.

Jai Simha Official Trailer

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